GLCEC : Service and Support

Service and Support

Great Lakes Controlled Energy Corp. is a dependable partner for your facility team. Our experience and system expertise insures your controls and HVAC systems operate at peak performance and reliability. Great Lakes Controlled Energy Corp. assures your satisfaction with consistent quality service.

Great Lakes Controlled Energy Corp. provides competitive, user friendly support for our customers. Once a system has been installed and commissioned, our technical support group is available to offer a full range of support programs to ensure that these systems operate to their highest levels. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to meet all of your service needs.

Great Lakes Controlled Energy Corp. technical support team can tailor a support program to fit your company's needs. It all starts with our total understanding of the customer’s building, ranging from simple systems to critical integration of HVAC and Demand meter monitoring. Since building automation systems are the heart of a company's business infrastructure, we support those facilities and provide the necessary performance enhancements to make sure that they run at maximum efficiency.

We build a technical support program that includes all preventive maintenance and training to ensure that your facility and personnel gets the attention they deserve. An annual service and calibration program for the first year is included for all new installations. A comprehensive all-inclusive plan, which includes all labor, parts, software upgrades, system performance analysis, can be customize to suit each client's individual needs. Great Lakes Controlled Energy Corp. takes great pride in continuing education for our clients. We firmly believe that the client must understand all facets of the systems and applications to gain the maximum benefit of your control system, it is only as powerful as the as the person operating it.